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Semen storage

The frozen semen of our patients is transferred to Our Bank where it can be stored for an unlimited period of time.

Semen can be stored at very low temperatures for years without losing its ability to fertilise. This is extremely important for men whose fertility may be at risk in the near or distant future. This is most often the case in connection with cancer treatment of the testes and other organs and systems, requiring chemotherapy.  Freezing and storing semen is also recommended for men who are undergoing insemination and IVF procedures and cannot be present during the procedure.

How to prepare for freezing and storing semen

Semen can be donated directly at the Clinic.  The condition is sexual abstinence for 2 to 6 days and taking blood tests: HBsAG, HCV, HIV and USR (VDRL), which can also be done at Our Clinic.

How long can semen be stored?

Frozen semen can be stored for an unlimited period of time and the storage time does not affect the quality of the frozen material.

Semen donor bank

The semen donor bank is an opportunity for couples where the partner is infertile due to a history of chronic illnesses, surgery or other causes beyond the man’s control, as a consequence of which the semen quality is very poor or there are no sperm in the semen. We can use anonymous donor material for the insemination or in vitro fertilisation procedure.

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