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Egg and embryo adoption

When it is not possible to obtain reproductive cells from one or both partners, a possible treatment option is to use anonymous donor eggs or embryo adoption.

Semen from an anonymous donor can be used by the couple in procedures of  insemination (AID) or in vitro fertilisation ( IVF, ICSI), in case the man is found to have no sperm and treatment is unsuccessful. The donor is selected by the couple on the basis of blood type, Rh factor and phenotypic characteristics: height, eye or hair colour.

Indications for the use of donor semen

  • lack of sperm in the semen – azoospermia, 
  • Lack of sperm in the testes – negative testicular biopsy,
  • severe semen abnormalities,
  • hereditary genetic disease of the male partner. 

Egg cell adoption

Egg cell adoption is the only chance of pregnancy and motherhood for women without active ovarian reserve. Thanks to the IVF procedure with egg cells from anonymous donors, the patient has the chance to become pregnant and have a baby. 

Embryo adoption

Embryo adoption is a solution for patients who, even using the most modern fertility treatments, cannot have their own offspring. 

Reasons for treatment including embryo donation:

  • ovarian insufficiency/ovaries do not produce healthy ova
  • genetic diseases in patients
  • lack of sperm in the semen
  • patients have failed to develop their own embryos
  • multiple failures of treatment with assisted reproduction technologies
  • the method is also applicable to couples who, for reasons of worldview, do not wish to undergo treatment with assisted reproduction technologies, but are ready to adopt

IVF program with embryos from donors from our bank

Embryos are donated in honorary donation from parents who have lived to see an offspring as a result of assisted reproductive technologies, but are not planning another pregnancy.

According to the Act of 25 June 2015 on fertility treatment (Journal of Laws of 31 July 2015, item 1087) and the Regulations of the Minister of Health issued to the aforementioned Act, donation of reproductive cells and embryos is anonymous. 

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