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About the Chrobry Bank

Bank Komórek i Zarodków Chrobry sp. z o.o. (the Bank of Reproductive Cells and Embryos Chrobry) is the place in our clinic where frozen egg cells, embryos and sperm are sent. A germ cell and embryo bank handles germ cells and embryos for the purpose of medically assisted procreation by collecting, storing and distributing germ cells and embryos intended for use in humans in a medically assisted procreation procedure.

At our facility we run:

  • egg bank,
  • semen bank,
  • embryo bank.

Is it safe to store the material?

The frozen material must be stored safely in special conditions and under constant control. The safety of the frozen material is supervised by embryologists who control the parameters of the liquid nitrogen in the tanks (dewars) with the frozen material. An additional guarantee of safety is the electronic Octax Log &Guard system, which monitors the temperature in each tank 24 hours a day and informs the embryologists of any temperature fluctuations.

How long can the frozen material be stored?

The frozen material, i.e. embryos, oocytes and semen, can be stored for an unlimited period of time. If the storage time of the material is not specified by the Infertility Treatment Act or other applicable regulations, the frozen material can be stored without restriction and, most importantly, the storage time does not affect the quality of the frozen material.

In our bank, we store our patients’ material, ova, sperm and embryos, as part of the IVF procedures carried out. The egg cells and sperm can be used in a subsequent in vitro fertilisation procedure. Freezing embryos allows them to be used in subsequent cycles when the first IVF attempt fails or, on the contrary… when it succeeds and the couple decides to have another child.   

Ova, semen and embryos are also frozen and stored as part of the oncofertility procedure, i.e. fertility preservation for the future. Preserving fertility by freezing ova, sperm and embryos offers a real chance of having offspring, once treatment is complete.

Donor bank

Material for anonymous donation is also stored in our bank. We cooperate with the largest Polish sperm bank Kriobank from Białystok as well as foreign banks: Cryos International and Ovobank.  The donor bank was established to help couples who, for various reasons, cannot use their own sperm and ova.

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